Salaries at Eurofins range from an average of $41,804 to $108,223 a year. He provides technical presentations aimed to educate our clients. E.W. He is a recognized scientist and invited critical reviewer of manuscripts for over a dozen of peer-reviewed analytical journals and has authored/coauthored over 30 peer-reviewed research articles, 50 conference publications, and 70 standard operating protocols. He received his B.S. Contact information for Eurofins Scientific Laboratories. Laboratory Director Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences. Eric Redman has over 30 years of experience in the environmental testing industry, specializing in the application of analytical chemistry to environmental problems. In her current role she is responsible for providing technical guidance and support to clients, agencies and industry personnel across the country. Eurofins TestAmerica's Program Standards provide the technical framework for our laboratories to deliver the highest levels of scientific and service performance in environmental testing industry. Mr Meade has been working on International projects for the last 7 years. Contact information for Eurofins Scientific Laboratories. PFAS Practice Leader, Eurofins Environment Testing America. His method development work has involved incremental sampling methodology, mercury, metals speciation and organic extractions.Dr. 2002, Mercury Falling, Water Environment & Technology, Nov. 2001, Automated determination of mercury by cold vapor atomic fluorescence with gold amalgamation, American Laboratory, p. 26, Sep. 2001, Analytical Method Developments to Support Partioning Interwell Tracer Testing, Waste Testing and Quality assurance Symposium, Aug. 2000, Mercury in Soil Screening  by Immunoassay, Waste Testing and Quality assurance Symposium, July 1998, Phenoxyacid Herbicide Screening, PittCon, Mar. Am. Christine has over 31 years of laboratory experience and has been part of our Management Team since 2016. Public Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 5.30pm Client Services Tel: 1800 252 966 Email: Eurofins Lablink Tel: 1800 252 967 The client must provide written confirmation of the test cancellation. VRL-Eurofins begins processing each sample immediately upon receipt. Currently Mr. Knollmeyer is also the Regional Service Center Manager for TestAmerica’s New York State facilities. This procedure, pioneered by Dr. Burrows and further developed under his leadership in association with an EPA sponsored Federal Advisory Committee, is intended to replace the current method detection limit (MDL) procedure found in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Company Description: Eurofins Scientific is an international life sciences company, providing a unique range of analytical testing services to clients across multiple industries, to make life and our environment safer, healthier and more sustainable. Eurofins is the world leader in the food, bio/pharmaceutical product testing. 2004, Mercury Falling, Low Level Mercury Analysis, Indiana Water Environment Association, Nov. 2003, Vapor Space Organics, Update for a Venerable Method Designed to Monitor Flammable Gasses Entering the Sewer System, 26th Annual Conference on Analysis of Pollutants in the Environment, Apr. Previously, Mr. Redman served as a Laboratory Director, Sales Director, Marketing Director, and Technical Director for Eurofins TestAmerica. Each has more than 25 years of experience in the environmental laboratory industry and serve as Experts on a variety of topics. Search the site Full Time Equivalent - Eurofins' staff, at US or Ireland site, fully dedicated to clients' project needs. Technical Services Director, Eurofins TestAmerica. Eurofins Food Testing UK Limited i54 Business Park Valiant Way WV9 5GB Wolverhampton United Kingdom Phone: 0845 604 6740 Fax: +44 (0) 1902 627296 Mr. Neslund is a PFAS Practice Leader and Scientific Officer for Eurofins Environment Testing America. Working in the Mobile Lab division, Mr. Knollmeyer did extensive testing of VOC's, PCB's and TPH in field-deployed laboratories. Eurofins Scientific Developpement. Connecting the Two Kinetic Resume in the Gas Phase," proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics (ASMS), June 1986, 973-974. She has more than 15 years of experience in the environmental testing industry. E.W. In her current position, Ms. Arasate serves as one of the project leads for LIMS implementations within the Eurofins environmental laboratory network, and is responsible for the training of all non-analytical staff as laboratories transition to the Eurofins LIMS System. Client Service Specialist. Mr. Li has 32 years of experience in water research, specialty testing, treatability testing, and analytical services. Eurofins Scientific is an international life sciences company which provides a unique range of analytical testing services to clients across multiple industries. Mr. Stanaway earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Willamette University, Salem Oregon in 1988 with a minor in Environmental Science. She has extensive experience with a wide variety of complex regulatory programs such as Department of Defense, Vapor Intrusion, and emerging contaminants such as PFAS. He has held positions in laboratory management, and has extensive experience with organic methods and analysis. 15th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research. BioPharma Services Choisissez [6] Eurofins ADME BioAnalyses Eurofins Central Laboratory France Eurofins CEREP France Eurofins LC2 Eurofins OPTIMED Clinical Research Eurofins Pharma Quality Control Clinical Diagnostics He has over thirty years of experience in analytical chemistry in academic and commercial laboratories. He has over 34 years of laboratory experience. 2010, Mercury Species Analysis  by Method 1630, PittCon, Mar. Shock is currently working with the classical wet chemistry group to modernize and re-organize testing capabilities to help improve efficiency. He also has experience developing custom cleanup methods to address sample specific interferences.As Corporate Technical Director, Dr. Bruce's duties include investigation and implementation of new technology, process improvement, and leading technical project teams within Eurofins TestAmerica. Eurofins PanLabs is searching for a Client Services Representative in St. Charles, MO. Testing at Eurofins is conducted according to international standards from the British, US, European, Japanese Pharmacopoeias and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Ariunaa Jalsrai (2000). Life at Eurofins is a meritocracy, where people are empowered to make decisions and are rewarded for their success, allowing them to advance quickly. Dr. Bruce has published articles in journals and presented at environmental conferences and symposia over the past 24 years, which include: Dr. Burrows is a Corporate Technical Director for Eurofins TestAmerica’s network of laboratories in the United States. Chambers, and D.T. Dr. William Anderson has 35 years of experience in the environmental testing industry. Am. Essential genes with unknown functions. Viracor Eurofins is committed to providing the highest quality service to its clients in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as, organizational policies and ethical standards. Mr. Strickland has worked directly on several high profile, large volume projects in order to ensure that the customers of EFGS achieve their project objectives goals. This estimate is based upon 1 Eurofins Scientific Client Service Representative salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. in Chemistry and PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Bristol, in England. He has developed documents for shipping to and from over 30 countries worldwide and provides clients with key logistical support on a daily basis. Mongolian mined land and reclamation. He has led method development and modification projects for both organic and inorganic analyses, which include arsenic speciation, methyl mercury, low-level mercury, vapor space organics, leaching and incremental sampling methodology (ISM). Foster, "Planning and Implementing Effective Thermal Site Remediation Operations", IT Corporation Technology Exchange Symposium, June 1992. Service Request Policy. Eurofins Food Safety Solutions offers a one-stop-shop solution to all your food supply chain needs and complements our sister company Eurofins Food Testing UK’s analytical services. Corporate Director of Technical Services, Eurofins TestAmerica. Fee For Service- Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories' staff performs work on project-by-project basis. Sr. Chemical & Analytical Consultant, Eurofins Environment Testing America. Investors, Sitemap | Careers |  Throughout his career, Mr. Stanaway has managed several consulting projects, as well as large toxicology projects involving sediments, surface waters, soils, dredged materials, toxicity identification and toxicity reduction evaluations. Dr. Mark Bruce has over 35 years of environmental analytical chemistry experience in academic and commercial laboratories. The Client Services Specialist position is Full-Time, 1st Shift position, working 10AM - 7PM, Candidates within a commutable distance of Madison, WI are encouraged to apply. As Eurofins TestAmerica's Ethics Compliance Officer, he fosters a company culture of honesty and data integrity by providing ethics training across all business functions and implements fraud prevention and detection programs. Her depth of experience with Eurofins TestAmerica includes positions in project management, information technology, customer service and analytical chemistry. He provides ethics training companywide and implements fraud prevention and detection programs. Before time at Vista, Andrew worked in both the HRMS and LCMS laboratories at Alta Analytical with a focus on developing fringe EPA methods such as 1614, 1699, and 1694. Dr. Li earned his BS and MS in Chemistry from Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China and earned his Ph.D. degree in analytical chemistry from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Eurofins Environment Testing Australia is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Laboratory with a staff of over 200 and laboratories in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle, Auckland (NZ) and Christchurch (NZ), and Client Service Offices located in Adelaide, Darwin and Wollongong. Rue Pierre Adolphe Bobierre. Within the global network, Eurofins offer testing services in all medical specialties, ... while focusing on providing a comprehensive menu of TESTS THAT MATTER to our clinician clients and their patients. General Enquiries: Tel: +86 21 3620 2828 Fax: +86 21 6181 6850 Timothy Knollmeyer has 21 years of experience in the environmental laboratory industry that includes extensive experience in the analyses of soil, air, and water by Gas Chromatography. She assists in writing and preparing standard operating procedures and participates in audits. He earned a BA in Biology from the University of Iowa and an MS in Public Health from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Test Changes . Eurofins Scientific is an international life sciences company which provides a unique range of analytical testing services to clients … Morton, "Product Determining Steps in Gas Phase Bronsted Acid-Base Reactions. for Eurofins Environment Testing America based in Sacramento, California. 1986, 108, 5701-5708. in Advances in Mass Spectrometry 1985, Part B, (ed. Eurofins' web portal provides you secure, real-time access to test results anytime, anywhere via a web interface. His work has involved bringing new perspectives to detection limits, calibration, quality assurance and quality control, and method development. He possesses excellent leadership skills and is highly skilled with internal and external customer relations. Idaho Technologies.2000/2001NITON LLC-Certified in radiation safety and monitoring, measurement technology, and machine maintenance of the NITON XRF Spectrum Analyzer 2003. She has extensive experience with a wide variety of complex regulatory programs such as Department of Defense, Vapor Intrusion, and emerging contaminants such as PFAS. Visit our careers site or contact, Visit our investor relations area or contact, Homepage |  Eurofins contribuent en fournissant des services d’essais en laboratoire à une gamme d’entreprises industrielles, de consultants environnementaux, d’entrepreneurs, de détaillants et d’autorités gouvernementales. Get the job interview by using our tools. p. 530-534. Mr. The Client Services Representative serves as the primary client contact for service requests with the responsibility of establishing positive client relationships. In her current role she is responsible for providing technical guidance and support to clients, agencies and industry personnel across the country. Mr. Mike Stanaway has 28 years of experience in the environmental toxicity testing services field. Ms. Hayes has a MS in Chemistry from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO, and over 25 years in the environmental laboratory industry with the last 23 years at Eurofins Air Toxics. Hobbs, " Electrocatalytic Reduction of Nitrate in Sodium Hydroxide Solution in the Presence of Low-Valance Cobalt Cyclam Species," Inorganic Chemistry, 1989, 28, 863. He is a strong and decisive decision-maker who takes personal responsibility for ethics, quality, environmental health & safety and fostering a company culture of honesty and data integrity. Mr. Redman received a BS in Chemistry and Physics from California State University and a MS degree in Chemical Physics from the University of California-Riverside. Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases are required for reproductive development in Arabidopsis. As such he/she demonstrates and … He has vast experience conducting, interpreting (including statistical evaluation), and reporting acute and chronic toxicity, and bioaccumulation tests. 44(5):866-78. Berg M, Muralla R, Rogers R, and Meinke D (2003). Todd), John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Publishers, 1986, 1177-1178. He has a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and applied science from the California Institute of Technology and a Masters Degree in mechanical design from Stanford University. He also oversees many of Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences method development tasks associated with the creation of new sampling and analytical techniques. McGee, Michael K., and R. Kent Oestenstad. J. Environ. Terms and Conditions | Eurofins Global. Manager, Specialty Services, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental. Since 2007, Mr. Garcia-Strickland was the Laboratory Director and Technical Director of Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences and worked on several laboratory improvement projects including implementation of Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences first laboratory information system, capacity planning and analysis, LEAN initiatives, workflow optimization, reducing operational expenses, cost of goods sold analysis, and staff motivation and training. Chapter 9, Old Cemeteries, Arsenic, Health & Safety. Dr. Bruce has been actively involved with the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) committee for ISM, and he is a recipient of the ITRC Industry Recognition Award for his contribution. Berg M, Rogers R, and Meinke D (2004). Client Service Representative salaries at Eurofins Scientific can range from $14-$15. Dr. Berg has peer-reviewed publications, thesis publications, and various poster presentations, which include: Senior Mycologist, EMLab P&K, a Eurofins TestAmerica company. Our synthetic chemists design efficient synthetic routes using latest synthetic methodologies to synthesize compounds Patrick Garcia-Strickland brings over 21 years of experience in the environmental laboratory industry with a primary focus on specialty metals and metal speciation analysis. Prior to Eurofins, Andrew was the Technical Director for Vista Analytical Laboratory in Northern California where he developed all aspects of PFAS capability within the lab. Eurofins Expert Services Oy is an independent and impartial testing, inspection and certification organization. Ray Shock has 14 years of experience in the environmental testing industry and currently holds the role of Technical Director in support of our Eurofins TestAmerica’s Chicago laboratory. For the past 14 years, she has provided business and technical leadership for Eurofins TestAmerica's Dredged Material, Sediment and Tissue Laboratories. Morton, "Dynamics of Gas-Phase Acid-Base Reactions." 2003, Inorganic Arsenic Speciation Modifications for Method 7063, Louisville Chemistry Conference, Jun. Browse the site. Standards enable us to set-up projects consistently and without variation by facility. Eurofins uses a global computer network: Eurofins OnLine (EOL). In addition to these common tests, Mr. Knollmeyer has trained significantly in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) instrumentation, and deployed a field laboratory to test for known anthrax contamination. Brett Muckey is based in Corvallis, Oregon. Mr. Romanko earned his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Rice University in Houston, Texas. A free inside look at Eurofins Scientific salary trends based on 1852 salaries wages for 611 jobs at Eurofins Scientific. For 25 years he was a partner in a company that was the leader in HRGC/HRMS analysis and later in development of some of the first LC-QQQ used in the Pharmaceutical industry. France. This estimate is based upon 1 Eurofins Scientific Client Service Representative salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. Full Time Equivalent - Eurofins' staff, at US or Ireland site, fully dedicated to clients' project needs. Tel: +353 1 295 8545 Fax: +353 1 295 8550 Email: He has a B.S. He assisted in the set-up and operations of STL Ecuador. Client Services Organization Improving the Client Experience Eurofins TestAmerica’s client services organization (CSO) is an independent, national organization that shares resources throughout the company, improving the client experience through better communication, more accurate project set-up and by improving first time quality through the delivery of accurate reports and invoices. in Chemistry from Shippensburg University in 1988. We are passionate about delivering superb quality and service. Une équipe multidisciplinaire de 40 personnes constituée d'experts sensoriels, de spécialistes en technologies alimentaires et en cosmétique, de statisticiens et de sociologues, tous au service du client. In her role as Technical Director, Ms. Hayes oversees the development and validation of new media, protocols, and technology related to air phase measurements, Eurofins TestAmerica's Technical Services Organization (. Methods 1313, 1314, 1315, and 1316 are new methods in SW-846 by the U.S. EPA. From PFAS,  Dioxins to PCB Congeners, Brominated Flame Retardants and other emerging contaminants, Mr. Redman has championed commercial application of state-of-the-art analytical services across a wide range of markets. He ensures consistency and technical accuracy of Standard Operating Procedures for analytical methods. Biologist/Project Manager, Eurofins TestAmerica. Acreditado pelo Inmetro para realizar análises … About Us A. Jalsrai and D. Bayarlkhagva (1998).