6 Discount applies to the Business Première fare for customers who do not hold a Liberté card when they book within seven days of departure. [3], The brand was officially presented in September 2018. You can exchange same-day tickets purchased at the Liberté card, Fréquence pass, Pro Seconde or Business Première fare—even for a full train—via the TGV INOUI Pro app, at a self-service machine, or at a station or sales office. For an annual fee of €399, you’ll save 45% on 2nd-class tickets and 60% on 1st-class tickets in France and other European countries—even at the last minute. He says: “I can use the on-board WiFi to prepare for my meeting and catch up on work. Discover our services among the wifi on board and the comfort of the first class while being accompanied by our teams that will take care of you 4.2/ 5 Voyagez avec TGV INOUI vers Bruxelles Montez à bord des trains TGV INOUI et découvrez Bruxelles en partant de province! Access image description Open Close, 1. 1 Paris-Est station: Monday through Friday 06.00-21.00, weekends 07.00-20.00. Inverted, Français All our TGV INOUI spaces have been redesigned and renovated to enhance your experience! Once on board, you can enjoy the comforts of TGV INOUI: up-to-date interiors, power points, comfortable seats and optimized tray tables. TGV INOUI directly connects Brussels to 38 French cities.Travel at high speed to the north, south, east and west of France by train and head to Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Valence, Avignon, Marseille, Montpellier etc. Pueden circular a una velocidad de hasta 320 km/h. Business profiles and performance, SNCF history, and more, Your door-to-door itinerary, timetables, booking, and real-time traffic updates, Trains, passenger services, cards & fares, and sustainable mobility, Got a question? While you wait for your train, visit your TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounge—an oasis of calm with free WiFi, a wide selection of complimentary beverages, and your choice of newspapers and magazines. 5 The annual fee for Liberté cards is reduced from €399 to €379. This service is available on select lines1, Monday through Friday at rush hour. Nantes station: Monday through Friday 05.30-20.30, weekends 07.00-20.00. Strasbourg station: Monday through Friday 05.30-21.30, weekends 07.00-20.00. SNCF. Lille-Flandres station: Monday through Friday 06.00-21.00, weekends 08.00-20.00. And when you join our Contrat Pro plan, the price for your Liberté card drops from €399 to €379. In the TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounge A business traveller is seated in the SNCF Grand Voyageur lounge working on his laptop. * *Attention: as a precaution following Covid-19, meals will temporarily not be available on board of TGV INOUI. The brand is in the process of replacing 'classic' TGV services until 2020, along with the low-cost Ouigo brand. In December 2018, trains circulated between Lille, Marseille and Nice from Paris, before servicing the rest of the network by 2020. Learn more about our Business Première package to enjoy exclusive travel services and preferential terms for ticket exchanges and refunds. Paris-Montparnasse station: Monday through Friday 06.15-21.15, weekends 07.00-20.00. TGV inOui és el nom d'un servei de TGV presentat per la SNCF el 27 de maig de 2017 per a determinats serveis prestats per trens d'alta velocitat. English Learn more about TGV INOUI services. [2], In 2017, TGV inOui trains were tested on the Paris – Bordeaux – Toulouse line. Bienvenue à bord ! Dans l'attente de votre réponse, je vous souhaite une bonne journée. With a Liberté card, you’ll have year-round access to fixed, discounted fares. Time to kill at the station? Trenes TGV INOUI. Do you frequently travel by train for work? With TGV INOUI, you can discover France on board our brand new trains. Travel with TGV INOUI to Brussels in under 1 hour and 30 minutes (1) when departing from Paris. Bienvenue à bord ! He says: “I can use the on-board WiFi to prepare for my meeting and catch up on work. Order your food and beverages on line and pick up them quickly with priority service. 1,520 talking about this. Also known as the capital of Europe, Brussels is the perfect destination for your next city break! Lyon Part-Dieu station: Monday through Friday 05.40-20.15, weekends and holidays 07.00-20.00. Got a question? con TGV inOUI. TGV (Tren de Gran Velocidad) TGV es el servicio de tren de alta velocidad de la compañía ferroviaria líder en Francia, SNCF.Es decir, el equivalente al AVE de Renfe en España. Learn more about our tickets, passes and business travel services. He says: “In this premium space, it’s easy to work or relax.”, 2. Deutsch. We’re sorry. Our TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounges offer extended hours on weekdays and weekends, in 12 major stations across France1. Q&A Want to work during your journey? Here you can purchase a wide selection of refreshments including drinks, warm meals, sandwiches and salads, as well as magazines, children's games, USB sticks, Paris Metro maps, etc. And our Échange Garanti4 programme allows free exchanges for a same-day train, even if it’s full. ... Transfert de l'équipe de Chine en TGV INOUI - Duration: 2:46. En train, tous responsables; Voyagez dans une bulle de confort; Wifi gratuit à bord des trains; 3 tarifs adaptés à tous; De la place pour vos valises; Voyagez avec votre vélo; L'espace nurserie pour votre bébé Marseille-St-Charles station: Monday through Friday 06.00-20.30, weekends 07.00-20.00. La flota completa está formada por 10 trenes circulando en su totalidad en el periodo estival. Planning a journey with TGV INOUI? 43 talking about this. TGV inOui is the brand name of TGV train services operated by SNCF since 27 May 2017 on certain high speed rail services. You save €20. Do you make more than four return journeys a year? 3. Browse the options below to find the solution that meets your needs. Easy. Avec @TGVINOUI, voyagez dans une bulle de confort, connecté et entouré par une équipe à votre écoute. When you choose Business Première, you get special treatment even before you board your train. Aprovecha las ofertas promocionales durante todo el año con TGV INOUI para beneficiarte de los mejores precios y, ¡recuerda reservar con 3 meses de anticipación! From Paris to Lyon, via Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Marseilles or Avignon, choose from any number of departure stations. Bon voyage ! New from 13/12/2020: daily TGV connection from Brussels-Midi to Saint-Pierre des Corps, Poitiers, Angoulême and Bordeaux. 4 ) Finalmente, haz click en el botón IR AL PÓRTICO para acceder al portal Le Wifi de INOUI… a €20 discount on the price of your Liberté card, exclusive access to our Pro Seconde fare, SNCF’s most flexible. 3) En la siguiente pantalla, selecciona la opción Billete extranjero . If you do not, you will have the same status as a passenger travelling without a valid ticket, and once on board you will be charged the amount required under our Passenger Fares agreement. Need a snack but don’t have time to visit the café-bar? No problem. At SNCF, we adapt to you and you can even change your settings, Default TGV inOui is the brand name of TGV train services operated by SNCF since 27 May 2017 on certain high speed rail services. At the boarding gate A business traveller has just come through the boarding gate. Voyagez dans une bulle de confort; Voyagez en étant connectés; Voyagez avec une équipe au petit soin; Voyagez en première classe; De la place pour vos valises; Voyagez avec votre vélo Avec @TGVINOUI, voyagez dans une bulle de confort, connecté et entouré par une équipe à votre écoute. We issue ticket refunds free of charge in stations and SNCF sales offices at the point of departure, up to 30 minutes after departure. Rennes station: Monday through Friday 06.00-20.00, Saturday 06.00-20.00, Sunday 07.30-20.00. Bon voyage ! Bienvenue à bord ! 2:46. 3/08/19 TGV INOUI À Lyon Part-Dieu Vers 8H Un Marseille-Lille-Bruxelles Geoffrey Du Gard. If your business joins our Contrat Pro or Contrat Grand Compte plan, you’ll enjoy exclusive savings, including: Learn more about our Contrat Grand Compte plan. And your crew will welcome you on the platform with a complimentary hot or cold beverage and newspaper. Its aim is replace current TGV's with "plus de confort, de services et de connectivité" (English: "more comfort and connectivity services"). . Bon voyage ! When you choose Business Première, Liberté or Fréquence tickets, you automatically qualify for our Flexibilité Maximum programme, with free refunds guaranteed up to 30 minutes after your train departs. At SNCF, we're committed to digital inclusion. Leaving early or arriving late? With TGV INOUI, you can discover France on board our brand new trains. SNCF App Le TGV SE pour Bruxelles Midi au départ de St Raphaël à 10h21 sur la voie 2. 2 Services available Monday through Friday (excluding school holidays), at rush hour (trains departing between 07.00 and 09.00 and between 16.30 and 18.30), on the following TGV INOUI lines: Paris-Bordeaux, Paris-Lille Flandres and Europe, Paris-Lyon Part-Dieu, Paris-Marseille, Paris-Montpellier, Paris-Nantes, Paris-Rennes and Paris-Strasbourg. [4], "Nouvelle stratégie commerciale à la SNCF", "La connectivité et les services digitaux au cœur de la nouvelle offre inOui de la SNCF", "Avec Ouigo et Inoui, la SNCF verrouille le marché du TGV", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=TGV_inOui&oldid=979266326, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 September 2020, at 19:41. Avec @TGVINOUI, voyagez dans une bulle de confort, connecté et entouré par une équipe à votre écoute. Is your business calendar hard to predict? Paris-Lyon station: Monday through Friday 06.30-21.00, weekends 07.00-20.00. Reserva tu próximo viaje ¿Sabías que…? Voyagez avec TGV INOUI vers Bruxelles Montez à bord des trains TGV INOUI et découvrez la France, évasion garantie à moins de 1h30(1) de Bruxelles. When it’s time to board your TGV INOUI, you can skip the lines with our Accès Express3 service. Continuación del proceso para pasajeros sin un billete SNCF: 2) En la primera pantalla del asistente, haz click en el botón Acepto. TGV notted inoui are, on patis Bordeaux route, in fact the new Oceane TGV, where all the seats in 1st are turned to be in the direction of the train. We’ve got great deals on business travel for you and your company. 7 Exchange your Pro Seconde ticket free of charge, up to 30 minutes after departure. If you exchange your tickets within the 30 minutes before departure, they are no longer refundable. If you exchange your ticket before departure and your train is full, the conductor will welcome you aboard unless safety considerations require them to refuse. And I order from the café-bar on line, so I don’t have to wait.” Stay connected from end to end with our on-board WiFi. 49 € * Mostrar más. Higher We have a wealth of services and benefits for you, from special fares and priority boarding to a complimentary beverage on the platform. We’ve got the solution. Contact us, Learn more about our top projects around the world, Digital transformation, investment funds and regional development in France, Logistics and supply chain services, specialized wagons and multimodal transport, CSR, diversity, ethics, transparency, climate and solidarity, Real estate, public transport, network and rolling stock optimization and more, Service not available; please try again later. When you choose SNCF, you’ll enjoy discounted fares and exclusive terms on all your tickets. Need to file a claim? SNCF 4,561 views. The TGV INOUI bar carriage is open to all passengers. He says: “With Accès Express, I can skip the line, and I get free coffee and a newspaper on the platform.”, 3. You’ll save time with priority access on the platform and dedicated lines in SNCF sales offices. Son los trenes de última generación de dos pisos más rápidos de Europa con una tecnología que les permite circular en cualquier red europea. Aboard your TGV INOUI A Business Première traveller is seated aboard a TGV INOUI working on his laptop. [1] The brand is in the process of replacing 'classic' TGV services until 2020, along with the low-cost Ouigo brand. SNCF responds. Té com a objectiu substituir tots els TGV "clàssics", a més de la marca Ouigo (servei de baix cost).. En 2017, els TGV inOui foren provats a la línia París – Bordeus – Tolosa.. En setembre de 2018, la marca TGV inOui fou oficialment presentada. The name inOui was chosen to emulate the French word inouï meaning extraordinary or unheard of. 4 You must exchange your ticket before you board your train. Starting 30 minutes before departure, you may make only two exchanges, and they are limited to other same-day trains and journeys that include your original journey.