14:42.35 - Unidentified voice on radio channel: "Go on, Christian.". […] bold; } My bad looks like the giant ball of fire had little to do with the crash Untold Story of the Concorde Disaster Reply With […]. Thank you for this informative piece. The former hairdresser turned Captain was the first ever woman to pilot the aircraft, when she completed her conversion course in March 1993. More needs to be worked on this field, I feel. One significant point I should like to make. Agreeing that uncommanded engine shut downs are a no-no. PARIS -- The first word that something had gone terribly wrong with the Concorde came from the control tower when the plane was in the air, according to a preliminary report made public yesterday by investigators probing the fiery crash. Stressing that the catastrophe could have happened at any time, the investigators say:"Experience in service has shown that a tyre blow-out during taxiing, landing and take-off is not an improbable event on Concorde and that such an event is indeed capable of causing structural and system damage. Most people don’t the complexity of that particular accident. Former Concorde pilot discusses his theories on the crash: PRINT FRIENDLY: EMAIL STORY: PM Archive - Wednesday, 26 July , 2000 00:00:00 … UAL Ret. Reuters Photo taken on July 25, 2000 at Gonesse firefighters working near a building on which a Concorde Air France crashed, near the Parisian airport of Roissy. i think really that every one trys to hide the truth of this great plane….include this article. When events like this occur, it’s not time for finger-pointing, but a time to learn from mistakes, focusing on the families and the loss of lives, and making long term improvements so things like this don’t happen again. I worked as a security screener and ground crew at S.B.A for 15 years. They made heavy profits in the final months with almost all the flights fully booked. The Concorde was an amazing plane and I regret its passing. Until then the number one engine had been functioning almost normally but when the plane hit the landing light it ingested hard material which caused it to surge and fail. Many accidents are the result of “links in a chain” of events! . Whether running over that bit of DC10 was the cause of the accident or not. It was one of the pleasures of flying this incredible icon but let’s not kid ourselves – it wasn’t a Boeing. There are a couple of things that are not directly stated in the piece that trouble me. The Tu-144 also did not have any pilot aids or electronic controls. The British were in charge of the engines (Rolls Royce) while the French designed and developed the complicated nose gear which pointed downward during takeoff then straightened out during flight. Had a fuel tank modification been made following the BA Incident, then the French accident would most probably not have happened. The control tower had given the pilot permission to take off before signalling less than a minute later that the plane was on fire at the rear, said Elisabeth Senot, a deputy prosecutor heading the inquiry. 9/11 The USA aircraft industry saw no profit in it and declined to make their own or even buy a single one. Although not the only factor the FACT that there was not a recalculation of the aircraft’s ATOW/RTOW following the change of wind direction was unfortunately all too grave. With so few departures and this knowledge it seems to me that the prudent thing to do would have been to do a runway sweep before a Concorde take off. "The July 25 accident shows that the destruction of a tyre, an event that we cannot say will not recur, had catastrophic consequences in a short period of time, preventing the crew from rectifying the situation," the report says. One wonders if DeCook George is American as we all knew that they were jealous that Europe was the instigator of Concorde but it was good to see so many Americans using Concorde so regularly. This inspection was omitted following the use of the runway immediately preceding its use by Concorde. Previous reports of the tragedy have described the crash as an act of God, a freak occurrence which exposed a fatal structural weakness in the aircraft which could have appeared at any time. The BEA said last month that the 40cm piece of metal almost certainly gashed the Concorde's tyre, sending large chunks of rubber hurtling at tremendous speed into the plane's fuel tanks, which are contained in its delta-shaped wings, and starting the blaze. The 90-page, highly technical report contains little new information on the crash, which prompted Air France to ground its remaining Concordes immediately and British Airways, the only other airline to fly the ageing supersonic jet, to follow suit nearly three weeks later. Terrific story, very revealing and, though clear, filled with relevant detail. However, it crashed shortly after take-off, killing all 109 passengers and crew members on board, as well as at least four people on the ground. So, what’s the truth behind the Concorde’s retirement, and how does it tie in with the truth behind the crash? Given the crack(s), allowable in-wing fuel leakages, and at least one undiscovered in-flight fire that only by pure luck burned itself out before affecting flight controls, wouldn’t it be possible that the flames on flight 4590 could have ignited leaked fuel adjacent to other tanks and, given ambient pressures in the tanks and ample oxygen, set those tanks alight, too? Patrick wrote that “the plane was an estimated six tons above its maximum allowable weight based on wind conditions at the time of the crash.” However, according to the David Rose article it was “more than six *tonnes* over its approved maximum takeoff weight.”. The others, though, don’t belong in the same category. "Concorde zero . First, as the BEA’s own published data reveals, the thrust from engine one was almost normal until the end of the skid, when it took in the parts of the landing light. Concorde was the last aeroplane in BA service to carry a Flight Engineer, so the retirement of Concorde meant and end to the Flight Engineer in British Airways. However they do agree with the general findings and agree that the missing spacer on the landing gear was not significant. When Le Bourget is mentioned, he says ‘Too late’ – he clearly was aware that with all that and 2 engines out – thanks to the uncommanded FE’s action – he could feel it was lost. Indeed one ex-BA Captain who I once flew with told me that he had one which caused a fuel tank leak and he thought there had been others. However, it is easy ‘after’ events to look at it (especially now, as everything is caught on video), to say, “They should have done it this way…….”. What if there was no metal strip on the end of the runway? Although the BEA disputes it, there is compelling evidence that it was the missing spacer which may have caused the plane to skew to the left, so forcing Marty to leave the ground too early. Less rudder angle is required for zero side slip than for “ball in the middle” – hence the reduction of right rudder. Surely advance comes hand in hand with adversity. An other thing, which I could not understand, was the decision to reinforce the rubber tanks. However, knowledgable friends to whom I copied your article have suggested that there was another, probably extremely significant, contributory factor not mentioned. The most memorable parts for me were an interview with some firemen who reported seeing fuel pouring from the wing hundreds of meters before the metal strip dropped from the American aircraft (they were told to keep quiet and not mention this again), along with a computer generated simulation of the “wobbling” main wheel assembly after a bushing migrated due to the missing spacer, subsequently found in the AF Maintenance facility where the aircraft had just been serviced. 2. consider information provided as pieces of a carefully crafted plan to send you in a direction. One, that the metal strip would instantly be deflected away much like stones from car tyres, or two, the strip of metal would be crushed and flattened with over 20 tonnes of weight bearing down on it and thus rendering it into an unpuncturable shape. It is an unfortunate part of the French psyche that they can never be seen to make mistakes. We already knew all that. The plane managed to stop well before the end of the runway and all passengers were disembarked. An In / Out pushbutton selects the functions VS or FPA to a rotating knob. LJWorld The crash occured shortly after take off. Hi Mal – I saw a French documentary about the crash (Concorde – Le Crash D’Un Mythe) which raised several issues concerning the strip. Yes, indeed, the TU-144 pilot executed a violent manoeuvre to avoid a Mirage which was shadowing the TU-144 in the broken cloud cover. This is quite often the limiting case. Is this what went through his mind under stress? I point you to a story that ran in the British newspaper The Observer in 2005. Avions avant chaque de sauts hors hors pilote avion le le le le la Gta v crash compilation. Meanwhile take off checks were being performed and from the voice recorder transcript it has to be said that the flight deck was performing normally but the crew were very busy. […] Untold Story of the Concorde Disaster […], The Concorde crash was inevitable when the second engine was lost. I’ll never forget leaving Glenn at the gate in Rio for being “truly insubordinate.” You sure gave me some good stories to share over the years. All the Concordes have gone long ago. Sadly, the trial is not yet over and one man, a “Chief Designer” appointed long after the original teams had been disbanded, is still under sentence. There was also its Soviet cousin, the Tupolev Tu-144, which also suffered a single fatal accident over the brief course of its commercial tenure. The Tu-144 was quite different to teh Concorde in one way, and that way was what led to the Paris Crash. I had spent 8 years in shorthaul and the call was always V1 – engine failure – rotate. 14.43.34 - Co-pilot: "Yes, well received.". So the CIA hypothesized a noseless B747 climbing from 13,800 feet to 17,000 feet trailing flames. We modified our memory items to include this phrase on the top, when we were in the Sim with him. I’m not sure about that. Air France flight 4590, flight of a Concorde supersonic airplane that crashed in Gonesse, a suburb of Paris, on July 25, 2000. That is the manouevre which caused the wings to break off. 25yrs. I think many people would have avoided flying with a Concorde anyway. Recording ends at I was waiting for someone to mention the failure of the gear to retract (as noted from the CVR transcript) I always vividly remember the incredible drag an unretracted landing gear produced when practising engine out landings – quite scary. But in this case, it’s not. Take for example AF 447. When Air France took off that fateful day, why couldn’t the pilot go round and try and land on the one engine? Ich schaue mir sehr gerne Filme im Internet I am currently writing an article about the Concorde (one of the designs featured in my book Elegant Solutions) for the Smithsonian website, and would very much appreciate your impressions of the aircraft (unrelated to the disaster in France). The plane went down not because of any fire, directly, but because 1., it was flying too slowly; 2., it was several tons overweight and beyond its aft center of gravity limit; 3., two of its four engines were damaged or erroneously shut down. At 14.45 the control tower informed the fire and emergency services that the flight, carrying 100 mainly German passengers and nine crew, had crashed near Le Bourget. Seems to me that ALL involved ARE involved and have a stake in the outcome. The engine itself was not on fire, and as the tank emptied and the fire burnt itself out, it would probably have recovered. The cases cited as examples are all of instances where the Concorde loses ONE engine. BTW, what’s your take on Youkilis going to NYY? "The pilot reported a failure on the number two motor and it seems that he was no longer able to brake given that the thrust was too great," said Senot, quoting a transcript from the cockpit voice recorder. You do not mention the failure of the gear to retract – possibly due to damage. According to the documentary, the thing that caused the unstable landing gear to jolt out of alignment was that the Concorde passed over a “step” in the runway. Men, not God, caused Concorde to crash, and their omissions and errors may have turned an escapable mishap into catastrophe. ``TOO LATE . On a twin engined airliner V1 is usually at Vr. Concorde at very slow speed has masive drag, and this reduces as speed increase. However, company management, in many cases, think/believe, that having introduced proper courses, within their airline for such CRM annual training, believe their job to be done. The first thing pilots learn is that one takes off against the wind. Co-Pilot’s Conversation Before Dana Plane Crash. But while the fire was visually spectacular — caught on camera, it trails behind the plane in a hellish rooster tail — experts say that aside from damaging the number 2 engine, it was very much survivable, and likely would have burned itself out in a matter of a few minutes. The resultant fire doomed the aircraft, crew and passengers. I too, have searched for it for years. We have one (Alpha Echo) in a museum here at Barbados, since we were only one of 3 scheduled destinations it flew to. Oswald, who witnesses said was in the cafeteria at the time of the shooting, just happened to be at the window of the building with loaded rifle at hand? Drop a note if you can, or give me a call (in California) at 707 939 1216). I do not wish to be classified as a conspiracy theorist but sometimes the tools of that theorist are useful. If the BEA has chosen not to look at the explanation given in the story, what other omissions are there? ", 14.44.19 - Pilot: "No time, no (unclear).". Then BA ran it at a profit until the crash and grounding. And the Engineer not being a Pilot explains why he didnt know what and engine shut down does in the performance of the plane. I agree that delay’s and bureaucratic pressure can give safety a back seat. Why it was skidding has been the subject of contention, but as we’ll see in a minute, many believe the skid was caused by an improperly repaired landing gear. Investigators have released details of the final conversation between the control tower and the pilot as he battled to save the doomed plane. Sehr guter Post! Around five or six years ago I tried to find this again, and it has completely disappeared from the internet (I’m not very good with the IT, so if anyone could tell me where to find this it will be much appreciated). It is likely the fire would have got worse rather than go out giving them time to bring the aircraft in for a landing with two engines at their heavy weight, especially considering the high drag characteristics of the delta at low slow speed which has been mentioned. What I will say is that any subject that starts with -“There are 13 fuel tanks on Concorde numbered 1 to 11,” tells you that an Irishmen was involved. The truth is that Air France was totally to blame. According to the television program, Seconds from Disaster, the fire was intense enough to begin to melt the wing structure and cause a loss of controlability. The fixed drill for shutting down an engine requires the crew to wait until the flight is stable at 400 feet, and to do so then only on a set of commands from the captain. I dont know why people want to believe a journalists interpretation and speculation based on asking a few “experts” a few questions, maybe the wrong questions, rather than believing the detailed work of an investigation team, with many experts working over many months. Perhaps a UN of typed needs to be established to look into this and all future accidents so NO one can slant any findings or cover anything up so as NOT to loose face or to be involved in any way politically, economically or have anything to loose in any way??? The aircraft flew for approximately one minute.". A United States Air Force pilot died yesterday after a U2 "spy plane" crashed as it took off from Gloucestershire on what was believed to be a reconnaissance mission to Bosnia. It is beyond belief to talk of surviving if this action or that had been done instead of what was. CRM was poorly explained to this Pilots. But very likely had absolutely nothing to do with any other, “errant piece of metal,” than the missing spacer! I have read the main report and now have all three which I intend to read with an open mind. I hope all is well in your world. Supposedly, the eyewitnesses mistook a crippled B747 for a missile. Came, Barry. 14.44.05 - Controller: "Fire service leader, uh ... the Concorde, I don't know its intentions, get yourself in position near the south doublet; (sound of switch). Why did he use only 20 degrees of rudder (max 30) and why did he rotate early? Over the 25 years Concorde has been in commercial operation, there have been at least seven potentially catastrophic incidents in which one or more of its tyres have burst, leading to punctures in the wings or fuel tanks. Unfortunately, this shows how people may react when human errors (either caused by themselves or others) collectively incite a terrible incident like this. It therefore would have been more accurate to say that the plane was at least 6.6 tons overweight. 14.44.13 - Fire service leader: "De Gaulle tower from fire service leader authorization to enter 26 right. TOW beyond limits, CG beyond limits, tailwind, landing gear out of order, obviously something wrong with the airport operations (hence the close encounter with the 747); this all sounds like the perfect mixture for a disaster to me.